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The HARLEY Market Letter
A monthly investment advisory newsletter that focuses on stocks, bonds, and precious metals. A prodigy of price charts, descriptive commentary, detailed cycle analysis, projected trend changes, advanced fibonacci applications, advance/decline statistics, Gann angles and price octaves that provide resistance to market advances and support for market declines. Rated number one newsletter and 1998 Market Timer of the Year by Timer Digest.
· Provide analysis and consulting to individual clients and money management firms on the financial markets.
· Provide tutoring on advanced concepts for technical trading/investing.

Bi-Weekly UPDATE Service
In addition to the monthly newsletter, I also publish a bi-weekly UPDATE service. The monthly newsletter goes into more detail on the intermediate trends and technical theory. The bi-weekly UPDATE service supplements the monthly newsletter with my near-term views. Short-term traders -- especially those who trade stock index futures, options, and Rydex/Profunds -- comprise the majority of these subscribers.

In the UPDATE service, I discuss daily and hourly patterns to convey my sense of impending market turns and change in timing signals. The reports come out on Tuesday evenings and on weekends. I will send out flash bulletins of major buy/sell events intra day if I see one of a critical nature occur. Because of your particular interests, I think you'll find my analysis on the short-term market swings to be of great value in this regard. I will also advise you of any short-notice invitations I receive to appear on radio/television/internet that you can tune into.

Financial markets fluctuate. To be successful, you need the technical expertise of a seasoned pro who understands the science of market rhythms and what it means for the timing of your investments. I have the resources, specialized knowledge, and experience to handle complex trading decisions quickly. Without a doubt, I do the most advanced cyclical analysis of the markets to be found anywhere – I’m confident you will be very pleased with your subscription.

Technical Consulting
Contact Mr. Harley for details.

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